Landscape Architecture, Land Planning, and Design

Functional, aesthetically pleasing, and respectful of the environment is the best solution for connecting site development with its context.

We have created successful designs for a wide variety of projects – from miles-long, regional, linear projects to in-town streetscapes and residences.

Over 30 years

Woodland Design Associates, Incorporated is a land planning and design firm located in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, which was founded in 1984. We take pride in creating recreation areas, historical preservation plans, community parks and more while protecting the streams, wetlands, waters and natural environment of the Commonwealth.

The role of landscape architects is to merge what mankind builds with what nature provides in a manner that is beneficial to both. Our services include consultation, investigation and research … in order to provide plans, designs, drawings and specifications … that will ultimately result in recreation areas, streetscapes and other projects that preserve and enhance the community as a whole.

Landscape Architecture

Our services ensure proper land use while merging aesthetic values with practical solutions. Consultation, investigation, research, planning, design, preparation of drawings and specifications.

Land Planning and Development

These services assimilate the information needed to create the best plan for each site and its intended use. Planning, design, management, and nurturing of the built and natural environments.

Environmental Consulting

We evaluate the impact the existing environment can have on a site’s proposed use, as well as the impact that development can have on the natural surroundings.